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Oona (The Witches of Rivers End #2, Oona+Sam)

Oona (The Witches of Rivers End #2, Oona+Sam)

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Some women are born with a little something...extra.
OONA WALSH is one of them. She learned early on that being honest about her gifts only led to heartbreak and abandonment. But now she's made a place for herself in Rivers End as the owner of a thriving bakery called Indulgence. Even better, she's figured out a safe way to use her powers to help people, while flying well under the radar. But when sexy architect Sam Walker throws her carefully constructed world into chaos, she's faced with a choice that will change her life forever—no matter what she decides. Will revealing her secret cost her the only place that has ever really felt like home?
SAM WALKER is finally ready to move on from his messy divorce and start dating again. He's had a thing for OONA for months, and when they finally get their shot, it's everything he's been fantasizing about—and then some. Sam's learned the hard way that any relationship without a foundation of honesty, is doomed. But OONA is hiding something something from him. Will she come clean and give them a chance? Or will the very honesty he demands reveal that he bit off more that he can chew when it comes to OONA?


Publisher: Thigh High Ink
Narrator: Erin Bateman
Run time: N/A
Release Date: Sept 1, 2018